How Good Is Your Team?

SiTNA Solutions can help you and your team achieve greatness!

What got you to your current leadership position won’t keep you there without your team. You need them and they need you. SiTNA Solution’s certified consultants will work with you and your team to figure out where you are as a team, what needs to be worked on, and coach you through process. We use validated assessments, tried and true team building experiences, and professional team coaching.

Team Coaching is a highly interactive process where a certified coach creates psychological safety for team formation, team learning, and exceptional performance.

Team Assessment

It’s hard to know where your team needs to go if you don’t know where you are. We use validated individual and team assessments to figure out your starting point. We also conduct listening sessions to matchup what was discovered in the assessments to what’s going on in the office.

Team Building

SiTNA Solutions certified facilitators co-create a one or two day workshop to provide feedback on the team assessment findings, create the conditions for true team excellence, develop trust and gain a better understanding of team diversity, and other performance benchmarks.

Team Coaching

Great teams embrace coaching. Coaching isn’t a sign of weakness but a recognition that sustainable team behavioral change is hard. Team work with a certified SiTNA Solutions Coach to operationalize their team assessment and team building learning, Weekly or bi-weekly coaching last approximately 4-6 moths. We’ve also found it helpful to individually coach the team leader during this timeframe.